Injections to Help People Age Gracefully

No one wants to look old before their time, or even when the time comes. The many advances in Facial Fillers means people do not have to ever look their age. Traditional fillers have improved drastically over the past decade. New fillers have been introduced, and some procedures have outcomes that are very close to those of surgical facelifts.

Reduced Risks

The risks of cosmetic surgery are the same as any invasive surgery. Nerve damage, infection, allergic reactions, complications, excessive bleeding, and the worst case scenario of death. Facial Fillers in New York City are injected into the areas with wrinkles, sagging skin, collagen loss, dark circles, and fine lines. Restoring the smooth appearance of the face and neck, rejuvenating the healthy glow of the skin, and taking years off the face can now all be completed with a variety of injections.

Risks are drastically reduced because injections are non-surgical and minimally invasive. Allergic reactions, nerve damage, and infection are still possible, but are rare. The most common side effects from injections are soreness at the injection site, temporary swelling or bruising, and mild discomfort for a few hours. There is no recovery time and injections take between twenty minutes and one hour.


The results from injections, with the exception of Kybella, are temporary. Newer solutions tend to last longer than traditional ones. Botox, for example, will usually last for three to six months before treatments need to be repeated. A newer product, such as Radiesse, can last for one year or more.

Some procedures, such as a Vampire Facelift, can last up to two years. Results vary and follow up treatments for this procedure are recommended every nine months for optimum desired outcomes. Blood from the patient is enriched with platelets, can be mixed with another filler, and injected back into the face. In addition to treating wrinkles, this procedure is also effective for treating acne scars.


Injections are a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery. They are not exactly cheap, but can fit into average budgets. One reason is the time span between treatments. A treatment that costs a few hundred dollars, for example, will not have to be completed again for several months. That allows time for people to put money aside little by little.

Explore Options

An initial consultation is conducted to allow doctor and patient to discuss the best options for the stated desired outcomes. Ask questions, get pricing information, and consider all the options. Aging gracefully can be done with minimal risk, no recovery time, and affordable pricing.


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